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Josh was an amazing help! He was very attentive to my needs and informative. He's easy to understand and I enjoyed working with him. I plan on keeping him as my agent.

   Jeffrey Scott Collard-
   "Best agent I have ever had, will never hire another!"

   Ladawnya Turner-
    Carlos at CMG explained different life insurance policies to me and
    together we chose the right one for me.
    He is truly knowledgeable about the insurance
    business and doesn't mind sharing this information." 
   Drew Zadow
  "Carlos is the most knowledgeable insurance agent I have ever had the
   pleasure of working with. He is a major asset to his policy holders and
  acts as a personal insurance consultant to all of his clients. 
  Sera Smith
   It is a great pleasure to work with Carlos. His work is very professional.
   its amazing how quickly he responds to his clients  
  Akim Deshay
  Carlos is very professional and always responds promptly to my needs.
  I have never had this kind of service or relationship from any previous
  insurance company, or even imagined such a thing was possible






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