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CMG INSURANCE Blog: 10_2015

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Have you ever had to have a fundraiser just to bury someone; or sell church dinners to help pay for funeral costs? Have you ever had to help someone move because a loved one passed away and they could no longer pay the bills and meet the ongoing living expenses to stay in their home? READ MORE >>

Have you ever taken a look at your auto insurance policy, and wondered what was with all the words, titles, numbers, etc. Words and titles, and numbers…oh, my! Never fear, coverage breakdown is here! We are going to cleverly explain some of the most common coverages that are found on auto insurance policies by creating a common scenario. READ MORE >>

We had a client…for blog purposes, we will say that her name is Mary. Mary had just recently married her college sweetheart. They had quite a busy summer, because not only did they have a wedding and go on a honeymoon; they bought a house as well. READ MORE >>

A question many of us have asked ourselves. If you haven’t…your number may soon be up! If you have or have had insurance, chances are you have experienced a rate increase. Let’s dive into this topic that has many cringing at the first site of a letter marked with their insurance company’s logo! READ MORE >>

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